Enabling MSEs to leverage digital commerce

Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) are the backbone of emerging market economies, often representing the vast majority of the workforce and contributing significantly to GDP. However, these businesses are often informal and lack access to financial safety nets, government support, credit, insurance and other services that can enable them to withstand financial shocks, grow their businesses and access revenue opportunities.

Innovations in digital commerce, payments and fintech, insurance and more can enable these businesses to access cheaper, more convenient inventory, grow their customer and revenue bases, access necessary financial tools, and build resilience to withstand financial shocks. We work with governments, donor organizations, inclusive tech innovators and more to design solutions and programs that can meet the needs of MSEs across emerging markets, transforming their livelihoods, contributing to employment and stimulating the economies in which they operate.

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We leverage global expertise and local knowledge to craft and scale solutions, and catalyze innovation ecosystems.

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